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We love traveling. But we hate looking like tourists. So we invented Audissey Guides – hip, entertaining audio and video walking tours for your smartphone that launch travelers off the beaten path – and into the soul of a city.

Established in 2005, Audissey Guides is an Audissey Media company.

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About Our Team

Rob, Founder & Creative Director

Rob, Founder & Creative DirectorRob founded Audissey Guides back in 2005 and oversees all of Audissey’s productions. An ardent historian, cultural explorer, and writer, he makes sure that each Audissey tour is marinated in a tangy blend of herbs and spices.

He has sung karaoke in Nicaragua, been penniless in Sarajevo, arm-wrestled in Mexico, lost a drinking competition in Guatemala, gone surfing in Ireland, eaten Count Chocula cereal in Transylvania, and most recently, sipped fresh lemonade with ex-guerrillas in the mountains of El Salvador.

Juliet , Director of Business Development

Juliet , President & Director of Business DevelopmentJuliet has galavanted throughout Central Europe, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and now East Boston. She is into the marketing thing. She’s got extensive – nay, profound – experience in marketing and strategic alliances, working with brands such as NetZero, NASCAR, NBC, Sony Studios, EA Sports, ESPN and many more.

She reigns over Marketing and Business Development at Audissey Guides.

Adam, Podcasting & Digital Media Strategist

Adam, Podcasting & Digital Media StrategistAdam is the resident rocket scientist. No, really. He studied physics at an elite university before talking a job that had him rubbing elbows with former Soviet rocket scientists, arctic explorers, Mars-robot designers, and astronauts. When that got lame, he joined Audissey Guides to be the ringer in our rousing Trivial Pursuit games.

Adam is an expert on all things audio — equipment, recording techniques, and fat beats – and he is a highly sought after speaker on the topics of podcasting and new media.

When he’s not behind a microphone or an editing station, Adam is a SCUBA diver, a photographer, a trombonist, a world traveler, and collector of interesting but ultimately useless information.

Glenn, Soundscape Architect

Glenn, Soundscape ArchitectGlenn Forsythe comes from an extensive background in sound design, production and composition from Berklee College of Music’s Music Synthesis and Music Production and Engineering majors. He is a pioneer in the rising sport of one-person synchronized swimming, and he is also the recipient of Berklee’s Music Synthesis Robert Moog Award.

Sharing an equal obsession with travel and audio, Glenn marries the two worlds by combining the soundscapes and musical inspirations in every Audissey tour.

Sound designer by day, Glenn also plays and produces music with his band “Forsythe,” alongside his sister Emily. Glenn also has a genuine obsession with cooking Mexican and Italian food, so the next time you get a hankering for the most ridiculous chile rellenos in Boston, come on by!

Anthony, Minister of Sound & Music Production

Anthony, Minister of Sound & Music ProductionAnthony is one of the resident sound geniuses at Audissey Guides. A graduate of the prestigious Berklee School of Music (where he studied Music Synthesis and Sound Production), he is an incredibly talented Composer and Sound Designer.

His works spans from Electronic to Orchestral composition. In addition to creating soundscapes and musical scores for the Audissey tours, he has composed music for everything from modern dance performances to video games. Anthony has had several pieces performed in the Boston Conservatory, has had film work premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and he’s toured Europe performing his original electronic music.

Anthony enjoys riding his bike, art hunting, and roaming around Chinatown. He also loves burritos. Amongst his other accomplishments, Anthony also had a hand in founding the WNBA.

Andy, Web Design & Graphics Guru

Andy, Web Design & Graphics GuruAndy is an exquisite import from Hong Kong. He emerged from the womb while typing on a laptop and playing with photoshop. He simply loves design. He is an avid Flash developer/designer and he loves creating new applications that combine design, interactivity, and media.

Away from the computer, he loves to eat (just not any eggplant). He has hiked the Alps, and has used a restroom in Germany (unfortunately, he didn’t know what the word “Dame” meant).

He was last seen somewhere in the Dominican Republic, trotting along at a leisurely pace, on an disturbingly skinny horse. Luckily the paparazzi captured this image.