Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between the “Add to iTunes” button, the “RSS” button and the “Zip” button? Which one should I choose?

If you have iTunes on your computer, choose the “Add to iTunes” option. It will automatically download the Tour into the Podcast section of iTunes for you. Just click on “Podcasts” to view or listen to the Tour. Then sync your iPod to iTunes to load the tour onto your iPod. But be sure to print out the Walking Map — see Question 4 below.

If you don’t have iTunes but want it, then click here.

If you don’t have iTunes and you don’t want it, and you just want to download the Tour, then choose the “Download Now” option. The Tour will be delivered to your computer as a Zip File. Just unzip the file and open the Tour in whatever program you are comfortable using for media files. Make sure the files appear in the correct order! If they don’t appear in the right appear, just click the “Name” column, and they will arrange themselves correctly.

If you have an RSS reader other than iTunes you should use the “RSS” button.

2. I clicked the “Add to iTunes” button. Why don’t I hear anything?

First, be sure that you have iTunes; then, click on “Podcasts” in the left menu. It will be listed here. To watch or listen to it on iTunes double click it in the menu. To watch or listen to it on your iPod just sync your iPod to iTunes.

To subscribe with iTunes, you need version 4.9 or above of iTunes. Download Link, it’s free.

3. I clicked the “Add to iTunes” button but I am only seeing one tour (or loop). How do I get the rest?

To get all of the tours (or loops) in iTunes, go into “Podcasts” in your iTunes — and find the tour. Click the “Get All” icon next to it. The other tours (or loops) will download to iTunes.

4. I’m confused. What exactly is this thing?

This is a self-guided tour. It’s like an audio tour you might take in a museum, but this tour takes you out into the real world. Plus there is music, sound effects, and interviews with cool local people. And of course, the video version allows you to see historic images and video. It’s a totally new way to travel –you get all the flavor of the city…without looking like a tourist.

5. Where do I start the tour? How do I know where to go?

There is a walking map to guide you along the tour route. If you download the Zip file of tour, the map will be a PDF in the zip file. If use the RSS feed or the “Add to iTunes” button, you will need to click on the gray triangle that appears next to the Tour title in your iTunes listing. You’ll see “Tour Map” appear. Then just click on “Get”, and the map will download to your iTunes account. Then just print out the map and take it with you!

6. How much does it cost to use these tours?

These tours are completely FREE.

7. How long is it?

The tour will take about 60 – 90 minutes, and covers about one mile. But you’re free to stop and start at your leisure. Go at your own pace!

8. Do I need an iPod to listen to the files?

No. Podcasts can be listened to in your computer or any portable player that supports mp3. However, the iPod integration with iTunes is superb.

9. Can I just watch or listen to the Tour at home?

Sure. The tour is designed to be entertaining enough so you can sit back in your comfy armchair and feel like you’ve visited a new city.

10. FOR VIDEO TOURS: I downloaded the Video Tour but the video not showing on my iPod — it only plays the audio. What’s up with that?

Play it from the Video playlist in your iPod. The video shows up in both the Podcast and the Videos playlist. If you play it from the Podcast playlist it will only play the audio. Just play it from the Videos category and it should play the video correctly.

11. I’m still having problems. What now?

You can email for help.