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Walk this way. This progressive audio experience will guide you through the cultural treasure trove known as the Museum District.
This 90-minute tour is practical and informative, taking you by the hand to specific museum locations and collections. But the tour itself is also a work of art itself: it is at once experimental, emotional, meditative, and purely beautiful: strolls through sculpture gardens and parks are often free of any narration, instead showering the listener with original sound compositions that enhance the physical surroundings.

There’s a surprise around every corner:

  • A Holocaust survivor shares her escape from Nazi-occupied Poland, in front of the Houston Holocaust Museum
  • A paleontologist discusses dinosaur poop at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • Echoes of Mohatma Ghandi’s speeches pulse in your ears as you stroll through a rose garden
  • The tour even incorporates a ride on the Houston Light Rail into the experience
  • Directions

    1. View & print the map. (Click here)
    2. Choose your download (see options below).
    3. Walk to stop 1 on the map and press play.

    The Tour Map

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    The Voice Behind the Tour

    HoustonMuseumDistrictNarratorHoustonians have been getting their news from Shara Fryer for a couple decades. She’s an award-winning television reporter and knows how to get the inside story.

    She’s interviewed everyone from President Richard Nixon to Audrey Hepburn. From Lt. Col. Oliver North to the Dalai Lama.

    And now she’s broadcasting for an audience of one.


    Tour Details

    Tour Length: 1 hour
    Tour Distance: 1 mile
    Recommended Times: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

    Houston: Museum District