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For 60 minutes, you will become a New Orleans local.

See the City of Ghosts through the eyes of Brent Baudean, and experience the most soulful city in America. You will walk into a local’s favorite corner store. You’ll learn where you can order an absinthe (yep, they will serve it). And you’ll even meet a voodoo priestess.

The tour features an original soundtrack — an avant-garde mix of jazz, electronica, Dixieland, and goth. A blend almost as wild the city herself.


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3. Walk to stop 1 on the map and press play.

The Tour Map

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The Voice Behind the Tour

neworleans3Brent Baudean is 100% Cajun Creole. He’s lived in southeast Louisiana all his life. And he’s a self-professed “Quarter Rat” — a name for the hipsters that live, work, and play in the French Quarter.
Brent’s a tour guide, a musician, a pool shark, and a drinker. In other words, he’s a New Orleanian.

Tour Details

Tour Length: 1 hour
Tour Distance: 1 mile
Recommended Times: 11:00am-9:00pm

New Orleans